Hobson & Motzer, a precision metal components manufacturer for advanced industries, announces First Step

Durham, CT – November 2, 2020 – Hobson & Motzer, a leading supplier to theHobson and Motzer Announces First Step medical device industry, a Connecticut-based precision metal stamping, CNC-machining, and advanced manufacturing expert announces its new project-based rapid precision prototyping program, called First Step. First Step promises to deliver precision tolerance prototypes that support new product introduction (NPI) efforts for advanced industries.

More than a century of manufacturing expertise and hundreds of successful product development projects have afforded Hobson & Motzer intimate knowledge of the demand for this specific capability in the medical device market and other advanced industries. The key word is precision—when a project calls for more than just a rendering of a component. Precision prototypes provide more utility in the new product development process: for testing, fitment, form, function, and more. Today’s precision instruments call for a different set of rules.

With proven processes and industry-leading technology in its world-class facilities, Hobson & Motzer is known for creating innovative solutions for the most complex component needs, serving quality-critical industries. Hobson & Motzer has the unique ability to quickly deliver iterations of precise tolerance prototypes, enabling companies to use First Step to enhance product development and then more easily transition into scaled production by maintaining learning curve continuity within the manufacturer—ultimately increasing speed to market for customers. With early engagement on these projects, Hobson & Motzer leverages its manufacturing and engineering strength for insightful DFM, engineered quality, and manufacturing efficiency—all key characteristics to build into the process from the First Step.

Hobson & Motzer’s Strategic Market Development Manager Anthony Bracale, says of the First Step program, “The introduction of this platform for NPI is the voice of the customer, loud and clear. Customers in advanced industries have expressed a need for higher level rapid prototyping that is executed to precise tolerances. It provides an opportunity for both the part and manufacturing process to evolve simultaneously. This approach yields valuable data and learning that does not occur when the two processes are separate. Having a dedicated program is the next natural step for us to offer our customers. At Hobson & Motzer, the best First Step is one that employs the same proven processes that are applied in large-scale production programs from the get-go—with the full force of our team and talent behind it. An engagement with Hobson & Motzer’s First Step rapid precision prototyping program is just that—the First Step in a successful product development project. We realize that one-off prototypes are available elsewhere—we produce precision parts and processes, which help customers deliver better results.”

About Hobson & Motzer

To learn more about Hobson & Motzer, go to www.hobsonmotzer.com, or call (860) 349-1756 for more information. To learn more about First Step, click here.  

Founded over 100 years ago, Hobson & Motzer has steadily grown in size, capability, expertise, and manufacturing efficiency. Hobson & Motzer is a vertically integrated manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies and excels at precision metal stamping, coining, and CNC machining, as well as precision electro-chemical machining (PECM). It designs and builds complex progressive dies and offers a full complement of in-house secondary operations. The company’s infrastructure assures that its parts and critical projects will remain on quality, on schedule, and on time. Hobson & Motzer specializes in quality-critical precision parts and components, largely serving the medical device and other advanced industries. It operates two manufacturing plants with primary operations—and headquarters—centrally located in Durham, CT; with its Advanced Manufacturing Center in nearby Wallingford, CT.

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