Medtech Makers Series discusses quality for precision metal components and assemblies

Durham, CT – July 20, 2021 – As a part of Medical Product Outsourcing’s (MPO) series “Medtech Makers, MPO Interviews with Medtech Pros,” Bruce Dworak, president of Hobson & Motzer was interviewed regarding the company’s vigilance with quality when serving the needs of medical device manufacturers. Medtech Makers Bruce Dworak

Noting the vital nature of maintaining quality in the medical device supply chain, and recognizing that quality means different thing among suppliers, MPO’s editor in chief, Sean Fenske, asked Dworak several questions to discern Hobson & Motzer’s approach to quality in its manufacturing of precision metal components and assemblies to medical device manufacturers. 

Dworak clarified “what quality means” to Hobson & Motzer by stating (in part), “Quality means meeting or exceeding customer expectations; that’s the first line. … Then, the second line is understanding of requirements—knowing what constitutes quality.” He continued, “All staff are given a voice and encouraged to participate in ongoing improvement initiatives. Everyone is trained and supported to uphold the highest quality standards for the critical components we manufacture. People truly have a sense of personal pride in knowing their work is instrumental in what comes together in the form of a medical device, instrument, or robotic surgery platform, all aimed improving the lives of others.” 

Fenske asked if Dworak is “satisfied” from a performance standpoint, to which Dworak replied (in part), “We have a very good track record. To expand on that, our five-year average of customer returns is only 0.0003 percent of product that actually comes back to us. 

In his response to how Hobson & Motzer stands out from other manufacturers in the medical device sector, Dworak said, “As far as what separates us from the competition, there is a lot. What comes to mind is consistency and reliability, something we often hear from our customers. As a company, I think we offer a wealth of experience, too. Hobson & Motzer is over a century old, and we have been fortunate to maintain a strong, high-performing team at every level of the company. Quality requires a lot of different expertise; maintaining the integrity of that expertise, systemically, from generation to generation has been key from a quality perspective. We practice what I call “authentic” lean manufacturing, something that is ingrained in our culture.

A discussion about the latest, most advanced technology and equipment that Hobson & Motzer has acquired (continual investment in advanced technology is a cornerstone of its forward-focused vision), lead Dworak to mention Hobson & Motzer’s First Step program, which is geared toward development work: “Much of this work tends to be for next-generation medical device and surgical instrument components and components used for robotic surgery platforms. In most cases, these projects put us at the very front end of the design process with customers. As such, they involve significant DFM (design for manufacturability) work. We have our engineering and applications teams working very closely with customers on their design. We bring that precision into the prototype development. It’s a systematic NPD (new product development) process that delivers a better outcome, reduces time to market, and improves the end results.”

Other inquires included how continual innovation has motivated the approach to quality, the elements of a quality relationship with customers, and ensuring quality throughout the supply chain. Click here to read the entire discussion. 

About Hobson & Motzer

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Founded over 100 years ago, Hobson & Motzer has steadily grown in size, capability, expertise, and manufacturing efficiency. Hobson & Motzer is a vertically integrated manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies and excels at precision metal stamping, coining, and CNC machining, as well as precision electro-chemical machining (PECM). It designs and builds complex progressive dies and offers a full complement of in-house secondary operations.  The company’s infrastructure assures that its parts and critical projects will remain on quality, on schedule, and on time. Hobson & Motzer specializes in quality-critical precision parts and components, largely serving the medical device and other advanced industries. It operates two manufacturing plants with primary operations—and headquarters—centrally located in Durham, CT; with its Advanced Manufacturing Center in nearby Wallingford, CT.    

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